Live Forever

You are invited to participate in the Beta testing group of the Live Forever VITALITY App.

Please register your email in the intake above to trial a 4 week breath and movement training program that has both your current fitness and long term health in mind. This program will be about reconnecting to your human animal through daily implementation of timeless principles. These principles are based on the four elements of life.

Fire – A metabolic bonfire through consciously directed movement. Focus your efforts, invest in quality, push hard sustainably. Harness and then increase your mental and physical prowess.

Water – Active meditation; the practice of physical non-resistance. Increase your aerobic volume and capacity while calming your mind.

Earth – Get outside and ground yourself in bare feet. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset and then use gravity to mobilize and enhance mental and physical posture.

Wind – Inhale fresh air, expand your lungs, send oxygen to every cell in your body. Exhale, calm your nervous system, quiet the mind and take back presence of mind and body.

We have lost touch with our human and it is moving us in the opposite direction of health.

Our lifestyles are stressful, we sit far too much, we are overcommitted, addicted to technology, reliant on convenience and disjointed from our natural environment. We are trying to beat stress with stress and it isn’t working. Western society as a whole are in terrible physical and mental shape; our collective health is being jeopardized yet we keep pushing forward thinking technology and medicine will save us.

We have given up basic rituals that keep us healthy, regulated and grounded. We have traded them in for 21st century habits that may feel good in the moment but leave us tired, stressed, unsatisfied and insecure. It is time to go back to the root of health and reconnect with the elements that give us the energy, presence, capacity and integrity. It is time to make the most of life by taking charge of what we have had this whole time. The elements are right there waiting for you to explore them. The teacher appears only when the student is ready. You are ready…

What can you expect?

  1. Each session will be 30minutes or less
  3. Scalable for those low to moderate fitness levels
  4. You will cycle through three styles of physical training 
  5. Daily programming except Sunday where you are expected to get out and play!

Live Forever is a platform to reconnect to your human being. It is structured on the elements of life to simplify the process of vitality and connect us more meaningfully to why we want to be physically fit for our environment.

LIVE FOREVER stems from 20 years of experience in elite athletics and 5 years in fitness leadership and education across North America. All movement and breath training in this program are practiced personally and are supported by world class certifications and mentors who are leaders in their fields.