It is not what you do with the ball, it is what you do without it. Like every athlete you want to be the best. The best dribbler, scorer, defender and attacker so you can win. You want to be the best as early as you can so you can get that scholarship and maybe even play in the big leagues. But what if you were missing out a MAJOR performance advantage? What if your impact in the game is NOWHERE near what it could be? What if you have been focusing on the WRONG THING this whole time?

You have been missing on MAJOR gains because you have been obsessed with the wrong part of the game. 5% of sport happens with the ball. So if you play it right, you have an opportunity to impact 1/20th of the game. That means you play for 15 minutes have .05% of your playing time with the ball… Soccer 4.5minutes, Hockey



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